Learn Directly from the Professionals


Our professional development offerings will help to train your staff, board members, and volunteers to be effective fundraisers for your organization. For more information about how we can provide low cost professional development solutions for your team, please fill out the form on our contact us page.

How to Write Effective Grants Workshop

How to Write Effective Grants Workshop | July 13, 6:00pm

A workshop dedicated to introducing new and emerging organizations to writing proposals for foundations, corporations and government grants. More >

Employment and Job Creation Grants

Employment and Job Creation Grants | July 27, 6:00pm 

We will explore funding for job creation and entrepreneurship. If you are creating mentorship programs, employment skills training, or an entry point into the skilled trades, then this workshop is for you. > More

Prospecting for Grant Funding

Prospecting for Grant Funding | August 10, 6:00pm

In this workshop, we will look at simple, and often free ways to find sources of funding for your project, program, or cause. New fundraisers and volunteers are encouraged to attend this introductory workshop.

How to Fund and Market for Non-profits

Growing Your Impact: How to Fund and Market for Non-profits | June 29, 6:00pm 

In this workshop, we will teach participants how to write a winning Grow Grant application to a major funder, and how to scale your project and program for major grants (presented with Now Creative Group). > More

Children and Youth Grants Information Session

Children and Youth Grants Information Session | August 17, 6:00pm 

This session will present funding for youth programming such as camps, church groups, and after-school community programs.


Advanced Prospect Research Workshop

Advanced Prospect Research Workshop | August 31, 6:00pm 

In this advanced workshop, we will teach prospect research tools to find larger and more relevant sources of funding. More >

Women and Female Empowerment Grants Workshop

Women and Female Empowerment Grants | September 14, 6:00pm 

Is your organization helping to support and empower women and female entrepreneurs? Join us for a workshop of funding opportunities available for justice, inclusion and empowerment for women across all sectors. > More

Introduction to Low-Cost Fundraising

Introduction to Low-Cost Fundraising | June 15, 6:00pm 

An introductory workshop intended to introduce the concept of fundraising, and the different methods which community groups are using to effectively raise money for their programs and services at a low cost. > More

Serving Isolated Seniors Grants

Serving Isolated Seniors Grants | June 1, 6:00pm 

In this session, we will feature funding for seniors and non-profit long term care homes. Grants will include funding for newcomers, seniors who are aging at home, and assistance for families where a caregiver is supporting one or more seniors. >More

Visual Arts Grants

Visual Arts Grants | May 20, 6:00pm 

This information session is intended for visual artists. We will discuss funding opportunities at the provincial and federal level for arts projects and initiatives. > More