By Lee Chang, Staff Grant Writer

Image Source: The Bramptonist

In my career as a grant writer, I have worked in a very different environment at each job: as an in-house grant writer for a large charity, as a freelancer with my own roster of clients, and presently as part of a small grant writing collaborative at DoGood Fundraising. 

I am fortunate that my current job allows me to work from anywhere with a flexible schedule. On any given workday, I could be working by myself at a co-working space in Toronto, alongside my DoGood colleagues in Brampton, or at a library. Today, I’m meeting my team members at the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC), a co-working space just below Brampton City Hall’s West Tower in the city’s downtown core.

This is what a day in my life as a grant writer looks looks:

10:00am I fire up my laptop and open multiple tabs: email, Google calendar, Google Drive, and Asana. I make coffee and begin to dive into emails. After making my to-do list, I schedule a call with my colleagues to discuss action items.

11:00am I begin a draft on a grant application for one of our clients.  

1:00pm After lunch, I walk through the downtown area and enjoy the last moments of summer.

4:00pm By the end of the day, I review my calendar and determine what is complete and what needs to be completed. Then it’s time to catch the GO train back to Toronto!

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