We Help You Make Impact

DoGood and Advocacy

Our company works to level the playing field for nonprofits in Ontario. We feel that small organizations have a big impact, and we provide a platform for those organizations to share their work with the community, by capturing their ideas and developing high-quality proposals to funders, corporations, and foundations.

If you’re doing impactful work in Ontario and would like to expand on your capacity, but don’t have the right financial resources, please contact us at info@dogoodfundraising.ca.

We work with budgets of all sizes and aim to provide high-quality services that exceed your expectations and elevate your impact.

Furthermore, we will advocate on behalf of your organization. We have nothing to lose! We can anonymously advocate to corporations, foundations, and government funders to ensure that you receive equal consideration for funding proposals, that you receive assistance with the application process, that there are no unfair barriers or limitations, and that there is transparency in the application process.

Are you facing barriers because your organization is too small, you don’t have sufficient funding, or you don’t have nonprofit or charitable status?

We can help. We work within your community to connect you to organizations who can help to expand your impact. We also assist with nonprofit and charitable registration and help conduct needs assessments to ensure that you are meeting a community need and not duplicating existing resources.

We are your advocacy firm. Please contact us today to share the work you are doing and learn how we can support you in building your dream organization!