Age Well at Home (AWAH) is a federal funding program that aims to help seniors live healthy, safe, and independent lives, and to increase their sense of belonging and connection to their communities.

Eligible Applicant, Both Streams:

  • not-for-profit organizations (including charities)
  • municipal governments educational institutions
  • Indigenousentities include: band councils, tribal councils, and self-government entities
  • health and social services institutions
  • post-secondary institutions
  • health institutions

We can help you win! Funding: 

  • Stream One: In-Home Support Pilot Project
    • $300,000 minimum and $800,000 maximum
  • Stream Two: Scaling Up for Seniors(more than one province is mandatory)
    • 100,000 minimum and $2 Million maximum

Deadline: July 22 16, 2022, 3pm

Commitment Date: July 7

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