This fund will support relationship-building between artists and presenters during the suspension of OAC’s 2021 Touring and Market Development program deadlines. The program supports the development of mutually beneficial, long-term relationships and networks between presenters, Ontario-based professional artists, and arts organizations in all OAC-funded disciplines. Projects should build or maintain sustainable ways of sharing artistic works with audiences and communities within Ontario, nationally and internationally. There are two categories of activity:

  • Network and market development: support the development of networks and activities for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and skills between artists and presenters and cultivating opportunities to reach audiences, communities, and markets.
  • Presentation and engagement: support touring, presentation, exhibitions, and new forms of dissemination, as well as audience development and engagement activities.


  • Focused impact: maximum $20,000
  • Sector impact: maximum $30,000

Deadline: October 28, 2021 1 p.m. ET

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