by Alex Gregory, DoGood Funding

A major funder, the the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) unveiled its 2024 Seed Grant program on Apr. 17, offering up to $100,000 for organizations with new and innovative programs in multiple project sectors.

The grant for Ontario applicants only, is notable for its broader eligibility criteria and applicability within multiple sectors. It signals a season of opportunity for organizations ranging from arts and culture groups to environmental watchdogs.

The OTF Seed Grant has made it possible for a diverse array of organizations to envision and realize impactful projects, many of which have been supported by DoGood Funding. This grant promises up to 100% funding of eligible expenses, capping at a generous $100,000 for a 6- or 12-month project. The scope of eligibility includes charitable organizations, not-for-profits, Indigenous communities, and small municipalities, among others.

Grants as flexible as the OTF Seed Grant do not come by often—typically only once or twice a year. This rarity makes the current opportunity all the more crucial. Organizations are urged to seize this chance to fund organizational planning, pilot new programs, or bolster their capacity to serve their communities more robustly.

What sets the OTF Seed Grant apart is its efficiency. The foundation has streamlined the application process to ensure that more time is spent on actual program delivery rather than bureaucratic navigation. From digital adaptation strategies to the enhancement of staff and volunteer skills, the grant supports a range of activities designed to fortify organizations from the inside out.

It’s clear that OTF’s goal is to supercharge non-profits across the province, empowering them to tackle community needs more effectively. By lowering the barriers to funding, the OTF is not just funding projects; it’s investing in the long-term resilience and capability of the province’s non-profit sector.

For those looking to make a significant impact in their communities, the time to act is now. With a deadline of June 26, 2024 rapidly approaching, potential applicants should begin preparing their proposals posthaste to take full advantage of this extraordinary funding opportunity. DoGood Fundraising has already received more than 10 expressions of interest in the funding opportunity, as of Apr. 18, 2024, and will be prioritizing these clients, with additional interest being assigned to “submission cycles” in order to improve efficiency and submit applications long in advance of the deadline.

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