The Canada Post Community Foundation provides grants to Canadian schools, charities and community organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and youth (up to age 21).

There are three different types of grants:

Grants for community-based support projects: Eligible projects should increase the capacity of an organization and create or expand services, rather than maintaining existing services. (example: purchasing new equipment or launching new programs)

We can help you win up to $25,000!

Signature grant: Contribute to the overall work and mission of national organizations that deliver programs or support to Canadian children and youth.

We can help you win up to $50,000 and there are 3 awards each year!

New Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Signature Grant: This grant will be awarded to a national organization offering programming anchored in the principles of Indigenous truth and reconciliation and supports indigenous children and youth across the country.

Deadline: April 8, at 12 pm EST
Writing Support Cut Off:
March 16

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