It’s October, and cases of Covid-19 are through the roof, and rising. Charities and nonprofits are increasingly concerned about the future of their organizations. Meanwhile, funders are being challenged to respond to the needs of the communities they serve. In this post, we will explore what can your organization do to respond to the challenges, and how can you attract new opportunities for funding.

Reach out to your funder – many staff are not used to reaching out to their funders without it being requested. We often shy away from sending correspondence, or providing more information than necessary. The circumstances have changed, and now is the right time to reach out.

  • Send your funder a hand-written letter
  • Promote your good work and tag your funder
  • Email your funder with a positive update

These strategies will not only ensure your funders are updated, they will also keep your organization top-of-mind throughout the coming months. As you respond to their calls for proposals, your organization will stand out from other applicants. In some cases, funders may provide unsolicited support or extensions if your work aligns with their interests.

Be seen and heard by your stakeholders – get on your public communications channels and share both the good news and bad news. Are you having an impact on your clients? Have you noticed particular changes in the community you serve? Are your staff or volunteers facing challenges? This is the time to let your stakeholders know.

  • Post regularly on social media
  • Send an update to your mailing list
  • Renew the home page of your website

This type of openness can result in increased donations, promotion of your work through re-posts and sharing, highlighting your work on public communications channels such as news media, and unsolicited support from people who want to support your cause.

Thank your donors – its often said in the charitable sector that you win your next donation, when you recognize your last one. I can’t understate the importance of saying “thank you” to those who have supported your work. Many people are at home, or away from their typical workplace, and are increasingly isolated. Thus, reaching out and thanking your donors can have an incredible impact, particularly during quarantine.

  • Call your donors to thank them for their last donation
  • Send a personalized email with a positive update and thanks
  • Send a handwritten thank you note in the mail

Have you ever received a personal communication from a charity, for no reason other than to say thanks? If so, i’m sure you would agree that it was quite meaningful. You can have the same special impact on your donors, and leave a lasting impression by simply saying thanks, without any requests.

Explore every funding opportunity¬†– my inbox is constantly receiving notices about new grant opportunities in response to Covid-19. We post the most relevant ones on our website and social media. As you become aware of these opportunities, please reach out to us if we can be of assistance. Even if you think a grant might be a fit for your organization but you’re not sure, please reach out so that we can help to determine your eligibility, at no cost.

  • Investment Readiness Program closes Oct 9
  • Emergency Community Support Fund closes Oct 30
  • Resilient Communities Fund closes Dec 2

To everyone reading this post, if your organization requires funds to adapt to impacts of Covid-19, at least one of the 3 grants above may be relevant. If you’re not sure, you are always welcome to book a free call by clicking here: or reach out by emailing Stay safe, everyone!