This fund will support short-term projects that leverage digital technology to address sectoral and digital challenges, including:

  • The development of new digital tools and solutions that increase the resilience, sustainability, and discoverability of the arts sector
  • The development of sector-wide and cross-sector collaborations, partnerships, and networks to support innovative digital business models, revenue models, and monetization strategies
  • Sectoral approaches aimed at strategically increasing the digital/data literacy and ongoing digital transformation of the arts sector
  • Addressing challenges and exploring digital solutions related to accessibility, equity, diversity, decolonization, social justice, and climate responsibility created by, or relevant to, the digital world
  • Addressing challenges and exploring solutions related to the lack of access to digital infrastructure for remote regions and Northern and under-represented communities.

Funding: up to $50,000

Deadline: Anytime before the start of your project, notification is typically 3-4 months after submission

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