by Kristian Clarke, Consulting Lead, DoGood Funding

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s (OTF) Seed Grant offers an incredible opportunity for not-for-profits and charities to secure funding ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. These grants are designed to help organizations like yours build capacity, and enhance sustainability in delivering vital community services.

Eligible applicants can use the Seed Grant to address medium to long-term organizational challenges. By hiring a consultant from DoGood Funding for fund development or strategic planning services, your organization can benefit from expert guidance and a fresh perspective.

Here’s how our consultancy services can empower your organization:

  • Develop New Approaches to Generating Revenue: Our consultants will help you explore innovative fundraising strategies and diversify your income streams, ensuring financial stability and growth.
  • Start New Activities to Meet Community Needs: We’ll work with you to identify emerging community needs and develop programs to address them, expanding your impact and relevance.
  • Think Strategically About Current and Future Challenges: An external consultant brings objectivity and expertise, helping you navigate complexities and plan effectively for the future.

Leverage the OTF Seed Grant to invest in professional consultancy services from DoGood Funding, and position your organization for long-term success and resilience. Apply now to unlock your organization’s potential!

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