Getting started with fundraising is simple. This page provides some basic steps to prepare you before initiating your community project or program.

Hi there! I’m starting a new non-profit organization and need help with raising money. Do you have any advice for where I can go to get grants? – Dagma

This was a message from an individual looking to start a shelter for youth who were in need of support services. Here are some recommended next steps:

Step 1: Determine your plan of action

It’s important to understand what you would like to accomplish, and why. Do you have statistics, research, or evidence that your project or program is needed in the community?

This may involve a discussion with your team or community, before you take any next steps.

Step 2: Document your findings

Once your team has a strong understanding of the change which you want to create in your community, and your justification for it – document it! This means putting together a business plan for your initial operation.

This will be a key resource if you are planning to request funding or support for your initiative.

Step 3: Register your organization or join an existing body

Its important that your project or program is connected to a reputable organization. This could be an existing charity or non-profit, or a newly created entity.

Due to the high number of organizations currently competing for funding, its important to do an assessment of the organizations which currently exist, prior to creating your own. You can then reach out to them to discuss working together.

For information about the requirements for initiating a non-profit in Ontario, visit

Step 4: Begin identifying sources of funding and support

Support for your program or service could be in-kind, monetary, or other.

In-kind support refers to donations or goods or services, such as a fridge for a shelter or web design for a sports club. This support is key, as it will demonstrate to others that your initiative is currently being supported, and that you are making efforts to gather resources.

Monetary support refers to donations of funds, in the form of grants. This will require proposals to grant-making foundations, government bodies, and corporations.

For more information on requesting in-kind or monetary support for your project or program, please contact us at We look forward to providing guidance to make your initiative a success!

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