This grant supports professional theatrical exploration, creation, development, production and presentation, regardless of theatrical tradition, as well as initiatives that benefit the Ontario professional theatre community. The program has five categories:

  • Creation: contribution to the artistic fees of initial exploration and development of a theatrical project or idea, for research, exploration and experimentation.
  • Creation in Residence: contribution to the artistic fee for a residence, with a professional not-for-profit Ontario theatre company, in playwriting or other methods of creation.
  • Development Workshops: contribution to the costs of a workshop or similar development projects; projects must include some form of public presentation. Artists or groups invited to present their work at a festival should apply in this category or in the Productions category.
  • Productions: contribution to the costs of single productions, including shared-production models. Artists or groups invited to present their work at a festival should apply in this category or in the Development Workshops category.
  • Festivals/Initiatives: contribution to the costs of festivals (festival organizers apply in this category), or the costs of artists or arts professionals participating in initiatives that significantly benefit the professional theatre community at large, including presentations, series, conferences and other public forums, professional development for theatre professionals, administrative collaborations, and other activities. They cannot be related to a single production.


  • Creation: maximum $5,000
  • Creation in Residence: maximum $10,000
  • Development Workshops: maximum $15,000
  • Productions: maximum $20,000
  • Festivals/Initiatives: maximum $15,000

Deadline: February 9, 2022 1 p.m. ET

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