This grant supports non-profit organizations and First NationBand Councils work towards preventing cybercrime through community collaboration.

As part of this grant cycle, the Ministry is requesting proposals that focus on bringing together different sectors to address one or more of the following online crimes:

  • Hate crimes,
  • Human trafficking, and
  • Fraud.

Applicants should consider leveraging local community safety and well-being planning efforts. Priority will may be given to projects that align local municipalities’ community safety and well-being plan, where developed. Consideration should be given to partnering with multiple and/or larger police services as it may be beneficial to leverage resources and build capacity where needed.

Deadline: March 4, 2022 4:00pm EST

Funding: Applicants may request up to $55,000 for each of the two years.

Are you interested in receiving grant writing support for this grant application? Please contact us for a detailed grant overview, and to share your project, by emailing