The month of May has begun, and we have been in quarantine for two months. This is an ideal time for organizations to ask themselves, do our funders know what we’re doing for those in need?

So many organizations have mobilized staff and volunteers to provide support to those who need it most. Food hampers, grocery gift cards, donations of protective equipment and supplies, and in-kind software subscriptions and webinars have been widely distributed. We think that it is important that these efforts be shared with funders and donors. Here are five essential tips to showcase your impact to funders during COVID-19:

1. Showcase your efforts – small and large – through your marketing channels. You should be sharing a newsletter, and duplicating content on your social media platforms and website. This might include photos, videos, or short testimonials explaining how you are helping to address the challenges posed by COVID-19, and what type of an impact you are creating.

2. Reach out to donors and funders with positive news stories. This showcases how your efforts have allowed your organization to continue to serve others. It is also a moment to selflessly give back to the community. Funders will take note of this for during future endeavours.

3. Consider starting your next board meeting with an appreciative thank-you call session. Have your board members call every donor and funder and share the importance of their last gift or grant to the organization. Nevertheless, this should be done without expecting anything in return. Coincidentally, you will hopefully see a spike in donations following these calls.

4. Brainstorm and determine what you can do as an organization to assist your client community to be resilient, and to recover. There are many economic challenges which have been brought on by COVID-19, and which will continue, as we enter an economic recession. Propose the best ideas that are in line with your organizations mission and pitch them to funders. Now is a great time to be pitching proposals which are relevant to COVID-19, as many funders are open to receiving them. Note, several foundations have closed for the season or the year, so be sure to email and check whether they are continuing to except applications before writing a proposal. Remember to always ensure that your proposals completely match the need and asked from the funder.

5. Regularly, reach out to your local newspaper and ask them to cover a news story that links positively to your organization. Many newspapers do not have a lot of content to cover right now and are being mandated to cover the COVID-19 pandemic. This will have a ripple effect amongst the community and will be beneficial to everyone involved.This is a sure-fire way to increase your exposure to new potential donors.

Collaboratively, we can write an effective grant application or proposal to fund your response to COVID-19. For more information, please call us directly at 647-710-4261 or email

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